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We work with your company to design and build an analysis environment that solves your business information requirements. Through careful analysis with your stakeholders and data consumers, we are able to include only those features that are needed today. Using best-in-class products from Microsoft and others, we deploy services to move your data efficiently and precisely from production sources to corporate repositories. Our designs support the most popular reporting and analysis tools on the market with near-real-time access to data.

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Performance ETL

Our extract, transformation, and load processes are custom built using the Microsoft .NET Framework. Our high-performance design allows us to load data often with a lightweight impact on your source systems. Quality and auditing are built in, so you can run your business with confidence.

Reports and Dashboards

We build reports and dashboards to your exact specifications. We can use report systems you already have in-house or recommend new tools and products that will complement your existing technology. Because our ETL is near-real-time, your business will have the latest data close at hand.

Information Strategy

You already have a great development team in place, but require assistance with overall strategy. We can help your company decide on tools and architecture that fit your culture. We can also assess your team's strengths and determine where additional talent will help you meet your goals.